Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Travels...

Starting April 1st, I am traveling abroad for 2 months. I start my adventures in Costa Rica for 2 and a half weeks where I'll stay in Turriabla at the base of a volcano with a host family. I'll be taking Spanish classes and assisting with ESL classes at an elementary school in Azul.
I then transfer to Panama for the remainder of April and live in the island paradise of Bocos del Toro with another host family. While there I will be in another language school.
For the entire month of May I will return to Turriabla, Costa Rica. This time I will be participating in a "Gap for Good" service program. I will be either tutoring young children in English and math or assisting at a local school for children with special needs.
Overall I'm very excited for my trip! It will be the experience of a lifetime and I thank God and my parents for the amazing opportunity!

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