Monday, April 18, 2011

11th Day Adventures

This morning we woke up and took taxis to the bus station. We then rode 6 hours on the second story of a double decker bus to Puno. It was nicer than an airplane. On the way we watched 3 movies: Grown-Ups, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and The Hangover (which I'm super surprised they showed). The bus ride took forever, and since Juan knew I was bad with altitude he made me drink tons of coca tea, which is very very nasty. I guess it worked though cause I didn't feel sick (except for my cold which has gotten way worse). At the bus station in Puno we met up with our next guide, Kike who Juan had never met. The seven of us took a van to Luquina Chico. When we arrived at the beginning of the village, we were greeted by the president of the community and we gave him a ride into the heart of the village. We then found out we were being split into groups of twos and sent to host families for the next 3 days. Nisty and I are sharing a room at the house of a couple, Jorge and Santusa, with 2 young children, Sulma who is 3 and Julio who is 8. Immediately when we got to our room it started hailing. Kike is also staying with this family in another room so he is helping us translate when it gets difficult. The family made us a nice dinner of quinoa and other vegetables that grow in the area.

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