Wednesday, April 27, 2011

23rd Day Adventures

Juan and I went on a hike this morning before going to the school. It was basically just a scenic route around the village to the school. Since the structure of the library had been completed, we had to start on the roof today. The truck that brought the roofing materials got stuck, like every other car we've been in on this trip. After we unloaded all the logs, bamboo, and shingles we got to work. At each joint in the bamboo were fibers that needed to be removed. We worked on that til lunchtime. A very tedious activity that took no effort, just a really long time. About 8 little kids helped us and we gave them an apple, granadia, and 2 sublime chocolate bars.
After lunch, everyone was either sleeping or watching a movie so I was the only one to go work on the library. I finished up peeling the bamboo with the help of some kids, then brought it over to the structure. While working, one of the little boys taught me to count in Quechua. After I'd done all I could, I sat and watched the locals make the roof until tea time. At tea time we had fried wontons filled with cheese. The 5 of us sat in the dining tent until dinner. Juan and Alan still hadn't come back so we began without them. Turns out one of the families prepared them a huge meal of cuy. We all got what we wanted for dinner: fettucini Alfredo. It was so delicious. It was another early night for me.

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