Tuesday, April 19, 2011

14th Day Adventures

Our families walked us all down to the port in the morning and it was time to say goodbye. We boarded a little tourist boat and rode for about an hour out to the Uros floating islands. Only a limited amount of people per year are allowed on the islands because of the damage that can be caused. The island we went to was home to 4 families. It was so little and I don't know how they could live like that. We learned all about how the islands were made and how their houses were made. The reed the island and houses are made of is also edible and tastes like celery. Then, one of the guys who lives on the island rowed us over to a neighbor island on a small boat shaped like a puma (Lake Titicaca means puma stone). The next island was slightly bigger and there was a solar panel on it.
We boarded to boat again and rode another hour and a half to the island of Taquile. We had to make a 35 minute hike with all our luggage up the steepest, rockiest slope ever. It was so much worse because of the altitude. We got to our hostel and were in for. A big surprise: no electricity. Each room had 2 candles for lighting. The hostel had a great view of the lake and served good food. We explored around the plaza but it was too late for anything to be open.

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