Friday, April 8, 2011

7th Day Adventures

Today was our last day at the elementary school teaching the kids. We took them into the big room we cleaned out and played musical chairs a bunch of times. It went really well and no one got hurt to my surprise. It was sad saying goodbye but I walked with about 10 of them until we got to the bungalows. They kept asking me how to say things in English like good afternoon and they were saying "goot afta noo" to the villagers walking by. They would not let me go and kept asking me things about where I live and where we were going next.
After taking a very long nap in a hammock, we left to go to the school to clean the abandoned room some more. They had a bunch of posters from the 80s and 90s in a corner so we went through them for about an hour. We sorted them between ones they could still use and ones to throw away. There were some good ones about the respiratory system and maps of South America, but there were also some weird outdated ones about alcoholism and drug addictions and even super outdated maps of Peru but it's missing provinces.
Straight from the school we took a hike to a swinging bridge over the Rio Cañete. Juan bought us ice cream and we sat for about an hour by the river just talking.
We arrived back at the bungalows and two of the kids from school (Karla and Diego) were in the back playing on the playground. Karla, Diego, and I played tag and hide and go seek until we couldn't see anymore. After, I taught them and their mom and grandmother to use an iPad. They loved all the pictures of them at school and hopefully I'll be able to send them to them when I get back home. Tonight was our last day with Pepe and we have to drive him to the airport really really early tomorrow morning.

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