Tuesday, April 19, 2011

17th Day Adventures

Today was travel day again. We slept in, shopped in the co-op for a bit, then began the treacherous hike down to the port on the other side of the island. I don't know what was worse, going up or going down. There were over 500 stairs to reach the other port and they were basically just rocks thrown wherever. Walking down them was so hard because of the steepness and the fact that the rocks were so uneven and most of them were too far apart. We stocked up on snacks at the port and paid a sol to use the bathroom. The people from the hostel prepared a trout lunch for us with oka, corn, hard boiled eggs, steamed veggies, rice and potatoes. They brought it all the way across the island and served us lunch on the top of the boat. We were definitely spoiled.
The 3 hour boat ride to Puno went by really fast and before I knew it we were getting off the boat. Everyone's jaws dropped when we arrived at the hotel. There were men in suits holding the doors for us. It was so nice and the rooms were incredible. We sat in the hotel for a few hours enjoying electricity and Internet. Then, we went to a restaurant called Incabar for dinner. Most everyone got some form of pasta. It was pretty good but the noodles in Peru just don't taste the same. I also got water, with ice! Ice doesn't exist in Peru and I was so happy to have ice water! After dinner we went to a cool bar called Rock and Reggae. It was a super fun place cause they had great music and everything was black lighting. We got back to the hotel and got back on the Internet before going to sleep.

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