Friday, April 22, 2011

21st Day Adventures

We woke up earlier to the drinks and hot tubs of water this morning. Katie and I woke up with the same thing Cecilia had and she was still sick too. Juan made me drink a whole cup of muña. Eew. The three of us stayed at the camp and slept while everyone else went to work. We all woke up at the same time because being in sleeping bags became unbearable. It's shorts and tank top weather during the day but long underwear weather at night. I rested in the tent with the door open after that while Katie and Cecilia fell asleep outside getting their tan on. They woke up to some of the kids from school poking them in the ears with grass. The kids came to beg for food. We gave them some granola bars and they went away. The children here are so malnourished.
After lunch, some of the kids came back. Cecilia and Katie were sleeping again so I went outside to play with them. It was an 11 year old girl with her younger brother and sister. They sang for me and asked me a million questions. I asked about school and the girl said it was good but she had no pencil to write with so I gave her pens. She said she had no shampoo to wash her hair with so I gave her mine. I also gave them some socks and a water bottle full of water and a little more food. They were so happy and grateful. Then, they just wanted to play and take pictures with my camera. The kids here aren't greedy about pictures like kids in high tourism areas, they just want to look at the pictures afterwards and laugh. They don't ask for any money.
They left. We all rested. At dinner, everyone felt at least a little better.

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