Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15th Day Adventures

Our service of Taquile began this morning. Before going to the school, we explored the co-op. Everyone in Taquile is an expert weaver or knitter. They are allowed to submit 8 items each into the co-op for them to be sold. It's a little more expensive but you can't find better quality anywhere in Peru. Everything is made from sheep's wool and there are sheep all over the small island.
We trekked 20 minutes to the school on another path that goes up and down at steep angles. First we started off by clearing out the 2 classrooms of all their stuff. Then we got down on our hands and knees and scrubbed the floor clean with rags. That took up the whole morning and part of the afternoon so we went back to the hostel for lunch to let the water dry in the rooms.
When we arrived back at the school, the rooms were ready to paint. Kike, Cecilia, Juan and I took the big room while the other 3 took the little room. It took hours to paint. Our brushes weren't the biggest so it took a good while. When we were finally done, everything looked great!
We went back to the hostel for dinner and played cards for a few hours.

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