Monday, April 18, 2011

12th Day Adventures

This morning our family cooked us an omelet with onions in it and a side of quinoa. From breakfast we met at the school/community center and walked over to the adobe Katie and Cecilia were staying at. 2 other girls and I climbed onto the roof of the structure Kaite and Cecilia's beds were in and we spread out over the roof. Juan and Kike handed us paint cans and brushes and we started to paint the roof bright red. We did this for a few hours until we finished and then went back to our families to have lunch. We were given trout with oka and potatoes. I still was feeling super crappy so I went back to take a nap after lunch.
When I woke up, everyone was going down to the school to give out school supplies to the children. I was getting even more sick so I stayed in bed until dinner. I was so bummed I had to miss out on that.

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