Friday, April 8, 2011

3rd Day Adventures

This morning I woke up super early. The only other person awake was Juan's dad. We put fresh papaya and lime and water in the blender and made some tasty juice. Then we boiled tamales. That's not the pepper kind of tamales but a mashed up concoction of green peppers and corn and cilantro wrapped in corn husk. It was really really good with slices of onion and a local orange pepper with a vinegar sauce. I'm eating really weird but really healthy foods and actually developing a taste for fish.
After everyone woke up we decided to have a nice relaxing day on the beach. A few of us layed out on the beach and I AM SO BURNT NOW. The ocean was really cold but it was my first time swimming in the pacific ocean!
Around 3 we packed up and took a taxi van to Cañete and switched taxis to take us to Lunahuana. It was a beautiful drive. The city is located on the western fringe of the Andes mountains. Along the way we got to see pre-Incan ruins and a lot of unique architecture. We are spending the week in little bungalows in the annex of camapaya on the edge of a river full of rapids.
We went into the city for dinner and I tried yuca root for the first time. Everywhere around Lunahuana there are yuca plants and grape vines for making pisco. Tomorrow will be our first day doing service. We are helping teach about 40 students from grades 1-6 in the morning in a 2 classroom school. Then in the afternoon we will travel to another local school destroyed by an earthquake many years ago and begin the renovation project that will be completed by other rustic pathways students this summer.

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